Discovering the Seven Sacred Egyptian Chakra Healing Oils

By Leisa McInnes
of Pink Lotus Tours

Visiting Egypt a few months back, I discovered the Seven Sacred Egyptian Chakra Healing Oils at an amazing perfumery and oils factory in Giza, owned by the same family going back six or seven generations. I was with a group and we actually went back for a second visit as we were so captivated by Gamal, the owner, who gave us a real insight into the Seven Sacred Egyptian Chakra Healing Oils.

The offering tablets for the ‘Seven Sacred Oils’ which the Pharaohs actually used.
The offering tablets for the ‘Seven Sacred Oils’ which the Pharaohs actually used, as discovered by archaeologists

When you visit Egypt make sure you visit Gamal at his perfumery in Giza, I think he is Egypt’s version of Ketut! A beautiful and inspiring human being.

The real credit for the discovery of these oils must go to a team of archaeologists who opened two tombs of the Old Kingdom (approx. 2,300bc) in the ancient city of Saqqara. Saqqara is about 45 minutes south of Cairo (that’s by bus, probably take about 10 hours by camel caravan back in the day).

The earliest known complete listing of the Seven Sacred Oils appears in the Pyramid Texts – a collection of ancient Egyptian religious texts from the time of the Old Kingdom. These texts were carved on the walls and sarcophagi of the pyramids at Saqqara as long ago as between 2400–2300 BC.  Furthermore, the names of the oils are mentioned and recorded outside Egypt. They were used by Priests and Priestesses in the daily service of the temples and tombs.

It is not surprising to find these offering tablets in the tombs of doctors and there is clear evidence that the oils were used for healing in Ancient Egypt.

All the oils are extracted from plants, used in aromatherapy, to assist in the treatment of illnesses and worked into cosmetics. There is no shelf life, they become better with age. They are pure and you can safely use them directly on the appropriate areas of your body or use as perfume, bath oil or in your burner. I was so impressed I took steps to make them available to anyone who would benefit, by way of the Pink Lotus online store. Clicking on any of the symbols will take you there.



The Ground (also known as Ground/Root) Chakra is our connection to Planet Earth and to the contrasts of life.  Red Amber gives the acceptance to our body, without hiding or being a slave of it.  This oil helps to ask . . . ‘Where do I come from?  . . . Who am I here?’ Red Amber Oil is used to communicate between the material, emotional and mental levels. It helps to accept what happens, to be able to ‘let things go,’ to ‘love ourselves’, ‘enjoy freedom’ and to be in ‘divine love’.


The Sacral (or Navel) Chakra is our centre of power in the abdomen. It is responsible for maintenance of mankind as well as the assimilation of food.  It gets energy – like the ground chakra, from the Earth and Sun.

Musk oil helps ‘to let things go between generations’, between mothers and children – and it gives calmness during pregnancy.

Especially for women, this is the oil for protection and to enable understanding of all that is going on in the body.  It stops nervousness during the ‘Moon Days’ and gives security.


Balancing and cleaning the Solar Plexus Chakra is very Important because it satisfies our individual ‘I am’.  With Jasmine oil it is easy to find self confidence and trust and believe in ourselves; if we want to reach a higher conscious level, we need a strong and balanced feeling for ourselves to be safe and secure with our intuition.

Yasmin Oil also connects us to our higher self and harmonises all higher chakras – Throat , Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

It also balances us to live sexuality and spirituality equally, which means it helps to understand and harmonise the difference of the yin and yang.


The Heart Chakra is our ‘Centre of Love’, to express sympathy, to communicate on emotional levels.  Rose Oil leads us to live on an emotional level and not on a mental level.  It balances emotions with the body and with our collection of memories. It also helps us to forgive, to be able to forget and gives the power to start again.

Rose Oil opens the Heart to our feelings, but it protects and gives us security.


With the Throat Chakra we are able to express our thoughts and feelings and bring them to speech level. The secret about Amber-Kashmir is that this is the best oil to stop fear of self-expression or to communicate.  It helps you to believe in yourself, to drive self-confidence and tell truth without fear.


The Third-Eye Chakra is a very sensible instrument.  It rules our inner sight and shows our maturity.  When our ‘Third-Eye’ is completely opened we can read the ancient Akasha-Chronicle, where everything that has happened and each interaction with creation is recorded.  Sandalwood is very good for Meditations to open this Chakra, it helps to open it smoothly and to come to a very clear sight.  Sandalwood is a great help in stressful situations and balances irritation, to enable concentration in making clear decisions.  It can also stimulate the immune system.


The Crown Chakra is to communicate with the higher conscious levels and to be guided by teachers.  This scent has always been used to clear the Crown Chakra, to take people away from the materialistic world, to live on a high spiritual level and enable them to communicate there.  The power of Lotus leads the physical body to be on very different levels, to see clearly and it influences all other chakras in a positive way.  It is also especially useful in meditation.

The trip of a lifetime

By Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst

Kerrie Edwards-Ticehurst
Kerrie in Egypt with a typically awe-inspiring pyramid background.

Egypt for me was the trip of a lifetime. Amazing. Spectacular. 

Truly what you expect and want to experience, the MAGIC of Egypt – loved the whole journey – the people, the places, the food, the accommodation, the knowledge and the whole experience, which is Egypt

The Pyramids . . . spectacular . . . I amazed myself by being able to go high up into the Great Pyramid easily.   The energy was amazing.

The Temples were wonderful. What surprised me was the colours in the pictures on the walls were still so bright. I never expected that.  I thought they would have faded long ago.

I felt like I belonged in one of the Temples, some even looked modern with the steps leading to the Temple as though time had stood still. But knowing they are thousands of years old was thrilling.

Another favourite was the hotels, the River Nile and cruising and staying on the Nile was beautiful, the water looked so clear.

Perfect relaxation in the midst of excitement.
Perfect relaxation in the midst of excitement – Kerrie during a break with tour organiser Leisa McInnes (left) and fellow tourist Sunder Devi, at their Cairo hotel.

We were lucky enough to have rooms with a balcony where we could sit and enjoy the Nile flowing by.

In the restaurant on the cruise the food was fabulous, all the shows were stunning and the Whirling Dervishes were mesmerising, something that has to be seen to be believed.

I felt so safe while I enjoyed the spectacular that is Egypt.

I would definitely go again, but spend even longer next time. The people are lovely and respectful. They love their country and the tourists! All the Hotel and Cruise staff were the best you are likely to find.

A great trip, a trip of a lifetime. It was hard to leave and come back home!

Thank you to Leisa and Sam and all the lovely people who were in the group who made it so memorable.


Experiencing Egypt for the first time

The Nile making its way through Aswan
The Nile making its way through Aswan

My first trip to Egypt was in 2014, part of a much longer journey that started in Greece through Italy Monaco, Switzerland into Paris then onto Turkey and Egypt.  I knew nothing much about Egypt except from school, which was a while ago, and the usual documentaries on TV.

I joined an organised tour and by the time I arrived in Aswan I felt like I was home. It was one of those moments that stay with you when you feel like you can just breath.  I stood at the edge of the Nile and stared into it, mesmerised for hours, lost in my own thoughts.  I knew then it was a place I would come back to, although at the time had no idea how or when that might happen.

Back home, and as time went on and people asked about my ‘big trip’ I realised the place I talked about the most was Egypt. It seemed to creep into conversations all the time.  I knew I wanted to go back but there were so many countries I had yet to visit.

The travel bug bit me again well and truly and there was so much of the world to explore. After doing a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam with my mum in September 2015 I booked myself for another journey through Morocco, Spain & Portugal for early 2016.

After a conversation with a good friend I impulsively added Egypt to the beginning and end of this itinerary. I had found my way back to Egypt!

Friendships and acquaintances were cemented and the natural progression has been to take groups of others on further trips, easing their way with the advantage of local knowledge

Egypt – where it all begins!

By Leisa McInnes

Our October 2016 tour is the beginning of a journey that I am sure will take me – and others – back to Egypt many more times. It is truly a life changing experience that you cannot have anywhere else in the world.

1sphinxMy mission is to share with lots of other travellers who, I know from personal experience will fall in love with Egypt as much as I have.

They in turn will go home and tell all their friends what an amazing trip they had and encourage friends and family to visit Egypt and help rebuild Egypt’s tourism industry in the near future.

Hello and welcome to Pink Lotus Egypt Tours. We are a boutique style tour organiser specialising in tours of Egypt.

Our tours start and end in Cairo so travellers from all over the world are welcome.

The point of difference you’ll find with our tours is that we provide an ‘all inclusive experience’ where everything is organised from the time you get on the plane until you return home.

Where possible, all travellers will meet before we leave so everyone knows each other and we travel as family and friends, not strangers.

Our groups are small, so we have the flexibility to adjust itineraries and allow extra time in each sight, as we are on our own timetable.

I still find it hard to articulate what it is about Egypt that leaves me wanting more, it’s a connection, a knowing, a sense of comfort and it amazes me how many people I have met in the last 2 years that feel the same.

Many I have met have been more than a dozen times and vow they will continue to go.

Because of the distinct advantage of having local knowledge on any tour, a partner in Pink Lotus Egypt Tours is a very good friend from Cairo who has been in the travel industry for many years. I am sure that being able to build personal relationships with clients from Australia will encourage more people to travel to Egypt.

Egypt really is ‘where it all begins’.